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Your business space is one that you take pride in. It can be your home away from home, your place of relaxation or the one place you feel like you truly can chase your dreams. 

Whatever you consider your business space, it’s one that needs to meet both your high standards, the standards of your employees and the standards of your future customers. Those standards in regard to cleanliness especially are extremely high. 

And the Nationwide Concept Services (NCS) is the perfect group of people to help you meet those standards and keep them consistently met day in and day out.

-A Superior Janitorial Cleaning Service 

NCS is a nationwide full-service cleaning and maintenance company. We’ve been a leader in janitorial services since 2000 and continue to provide high-quality cleaning services to over 1,500 customer sites a day. 

We attribute our success to the following:

Hiring the right people.

Using the most productive equipment for the job.

Quality control systems that provide responsive and reliable service every time.

NCS understands that finding trustworthy janitorial services for your business can be hard. It especially can be hard to find a company that provides janitorial services that are comprehensive but also won’t break the bank. 

That’s why NCS provides janitorial cleaning services that are worth your money, don’t break the bank and deliver a clean unlike any other for your business every time we work on your space. 

Custom Solutions for Janitorial Services

The health and cleanliness of your business are of vital importance to your success. Your employees won’t function as well in an environment that is dirty or unsightly. 

When clients come into your facility, a dirty office will not inspire confidence in your abilities. For these reasons and many others, you should be hiring out your janitorial services to a knowledgeable and reputable cleaning company.

One of your top concerns when it comes to hiring janitorial services is getting high-quality service within your budget. For this reason, we create a custom cleaning program for each facility we clean. Our goal is to help you increase profits while staying within budget.

Because of our expertise and customizable cleaning plans, we serve a long list of industries knowing that every customer and building has different needs. 

Our team will perform a full assessment of your worksite needs and prepare a custom quote and scope of work.

Our daily services include:

  • Emptying of all trash.
  • Surface dusting.
  • Restroom cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Carpet cleaning (vacuuming, deep cleaning).
  • Hard floor sweeping and mopping.
  • General office cleaning.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Construction cleanup.

NCS also offers full or partial facility management, assistance with problem areas and temporary staff. Our janitorial services cover all your needs, including areas you might not have thought of before, such as duct cleaning and lighting maintenance.

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